Recruitment Defined

1. the action of enlisting people into new roles

2. the increase in a natural population as progeny grow and new members arrive

Described generally as a core function of ‘human resources management’, recruitment is regarded notionally as the first step in an employee appointment process. It is also the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for either part-time, or full-time jobs within an organisation.

Over the years, the recruitment field has changed its approach immensely. With the development of the Internet, much of it can be carried out on-line and searching for background information, even the on-line practices of potential employees can be resourced quite successfully.

Yet, an issue arises in that ‘human resources’ effectively removes the human element from the equation, unlike the former ‘personnel management’ responsibility, to which people were central to its fruitful existence. To a company like ISQA, it is its people and their innate qualities that support its Quality Assurance and Control activities in the field.

Without good people carrying out containment functions, questions can arise about skills in observation, numeracy and literacy, let alone key aspects of dependability and stoicism. Governmental cutbacks have a negative impact on the traditional Job Centre, leading to greater on-line search activities taking place and less interaction with people; prospect search, screening and selection elements have to be refined.

ISQA has redressed the balance by engaging with automotive recruitment specialist, Go Pro Solutions Ltd, cementing the strategic alliance by creating the role for the company’s senior executive as dedicated Training and Recruitment Manager. Go Pro is renowned as an innovative specialist that has revitalised the role of people and their benefits to organisations.

As a result, ISQA can dedicate greater focus to its Quality Management ethos, while ensuring that only the highest quality of candidates is drawn into the QA and QC arenas. Yet, more importantly, its services can be rolled out to the broader manufacturing scene, introducing specialists to ISQA’s clients and more besides to satisfy their specific recruitment needs.

As time progresses, a business ‘triangle’ is formed for ISQA that places engineering, manufacturing and design at one of its pinnacles, with retail industry and training at another and corporate and promotional aspects at the remaining one. As a working model, this progressive development is immensely exciting, as it provides a sense of forwards propulsion that can address the changing needs of the market for the future.

Maximising quality through recruitment and by design, ISQA knows how to ‘Make Quality Count’.