Board promise…bored response; lack of follow-through in Customer Satisfaction leads to business disappointment

It has become consummately easy for businesses in the manufacturing sector to create ‘statements of intent’, writes journalist Iain Robertson, but improving customer satisfaction levels takes more than sweeping words. While carrying out a recent intensive survey for an automotive client, I was forced to read the Annual Reports of around thirty companies. Half of […]

Autonomy and ‘The Fear Factor’

With the prospect of driverless vehicles winging along our roads, with terror-filled passengers displaying Munch-like visages (a la ‘The Scream’ painting), Iain Robertson believes that we all have the right to be fearful. Trying to comprehend the logic displayed by various governments towards autonomous motoring demands a knowledge of their local road death statistics. Naturally, […]

Kaizen – a Sino-Japanese art-form, as much ethos, as judicious plan

To be successful in industry, writes journalist, Iain Robertson, demands significantly more than simply satisfying needs, which is why the Japanese have been able to apply an holistic philosophy to material balance. The manufacturing scene is crammed to the rafters with oriental mysticism. Kaizen, or what has become the norm for ‘continuous’, or ‘continual improvement’, […]