Assurance Defined

ISQA Quality Assurance
To provide assurance to a client, or end-user, is to also provide a notional warranty as to the services provided, which enhances comfort levels and ensures that the overall quality remains unblemished.

1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise
synonyms: word of honour, word, guarantee, promise, pledge, vow

2. confidence, or certainty in one’s own abilities
synonyms: self-confidence, self-assurance, confidence

In attending to the requirements of ISO9001, which defines it as a vital part of ‘quality management’, assurance is all about working to a standard that provides confidence of fulfilment. Unlike Quality Control (QC) that deals specifically with defect detection and rejection, Quality Assurance (QA) starts much earlier in the process but runs through it consistently.

While both descriptive terms have a tendency to be interchanged, they are not really interchangeable. In fact, QA demands both administrative and procedural activities that must be implemented in a quality system, with the end goal that the products, services and activities will be fulfilled and continuously improved.

Thus, separating the two-Qs, Control places its focus on process output. Assurance is more involved with systematic measurement, making comparisons with original standards, monitoring the processes introduced and creating a feedback loop.

From these activities, the dual principles of QA are ‘Fit for Purpose’ and ‘Right First-Time’. However, the full QA process includes management of raw materials in terms of their quality, all assemblies, production and affiliated services, as well as the inspection and delivery process, of which specification measurement is a vital aspect. ISQA’s strategic partnership with A-Met Metrology ensures an unique, all-encompassing means for their clients to remain in a market leading position.

ISQA is a skilled exponent of a QA philosophy. Its operatives recognise the all-enveloping nature of QA, most especially in a manufacturing environment, whether it is producing furniture, clothing, automotive or aerospace components. It also realises that its reputation is at stake, which is the best reason for ISQA to lead the market with its blend of communicative logic and physical effort expended.

It is the assurance, the guarantee, the time-served warranty of its range of quality services and products that places ISQA at the head of the field. As an important aspect of a ‘Best Practice’ attitude, QA is irreplaceable. As a vital component of corporate governance, a company’s compliance and attendance to its statutory obligations are satisfied by QA

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