During the company’s meteoric growth within the Quality Assurance arena, reports journalist Iain Robertson, the search for a progressive and logical means to broaden its portfolio has always been central to ISQA’s ethos.

Already renowned for its decisive approaches to Quality Control, ISQA has injected a fresh vitality to both on and off-site managed containment.

As a provider of first-class services to the manufacturing sector, its adherence to time-honoured principles, including reworking, firewall building and comprehensive auditing are already responsible for ISQA’s continued growth and client retention as a Tier One supplier. Yet, the company displays a powerful up-front image through its commercial awareness, which has opened even more doors to its on-going development.

A prime example lies in its strategic alliance with a leading metrologist, which means that both one-off and batch measurement requirements are managed comprehensively for its clients. While maintaining client confidentiality, adopting a more up-front public face, via social media, has widened ISQA’s approach to manufacturers. Its recent membership of an industry-leading and pan-European specialist quality body supports its core offering.

The changing demands of an international client base has highlighted a need to attract the correct calibre of staff. As a result, ISQA has adopted a logical and very progressive step into the recruitment scene and employed the services of a known and well-regarded automotive recruitment specialist. Ben Smith, of Go Pro Solutions Ltd. In doing so, ISQA is able to demonstrate unrivalled success in turning a job-seeking task into a great experience for both employers and employees.

The Quality Control sector is a fascinating one, as it offers great appeal to employees fresh to the industry but, by operating an in-house recruitment service, having assembled a database of job-specific personnel worldwide, ISQA is able to secure the right calibre of inspection, metrology and engineering candidates for its expanding business profile.

The provision of a dedicated training and recruitment service, by way of ISQA’s strategic alliance, not only lightens the load on business managers, but also enhances the reach and focus of their key staff in the Quality Assurance arena. With ISQA extending those services to its clients, the search, screening and recruitment of new engineering, project management and other specialist candidates into the automotive manufacturing scene is aided significantly. As, Gary Hancox, Marketing and Finance Director of ISQA, highlighted: “In extending the added-value proposition to our clients, across a wide range of specialist skills, we can help them to find the right project personnel and contract staff to satisfy their specific requirements.”

ISQA’s in-house facility will manage training and personnel development to the benefit of both clients and staff. More intriguingly, as time progresses, a working business ‘triangle’ arises for ISQA that places engineering, manufacturing and design at one of its pinnacles, with retail industry and training at another and corporate and promotional aspects as the remaining highlight. As a working model, this important development is not only exciting but it can provide a sense of forwards projection to address the market’s future needs.

ISQA is displaying a clear intention to remain active and to move with fluency, as it meets its clients’ specific needs across a portfolio of knowledgeable expertise. As the new services are rolled out, ISQA will deliver tangible benefits to end-users.
ISQA remains committed to its key remit:

‘Make Quality Count!’

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