ISQA enrols as first UK member of VEQS

Birmingham-based Quality Assurance specialist, ISQA Ltd, is pleased to announce its membership of VEQS, a pan-European Quality Assurance Association. The body counts among its members the top-50 leading independent exponents in the QA field.

Said a delighted Gary Hancox, marketing and finance director, ISQA: “We are immensely proud to be granted VEQS membership. In fact, we have just completed a contract that originated with a VEQS German partner, which highlights that rival companies can collaborate to deliver a total service package to a customer that is one of the most prestigious in the world. As we always seek to improve our systems, enhance the training of our staff and advance quality control standards, VEQS membership will also perpetrate exceptional levels of international client satisfaction.”

VEQS is based in Germany, where high quality is a practised manufacturing art. Just as ISQA works extensively within the UK Motor Industry, VEQS members service around 80% of the European vehicle manufacturing scene, across a mix of short and long-term contractual arrangements.

The precept of a dedicated European Quality Assurance Association holds tremendous value. The ability to share information, working practices, market innovations and operational developments is exceptionally motivational. By increasing knowledge and skills bases, competence clusters can be formed to the longer-term benefit of both clients and the QA operations supporting them.
Mr Hancox concluded: “The ability to link up with international colleagues in the QA industry carries great responsibility. Yet, we recognise the value of the forum and the numerous ways that our membership of VEQS will benefit our clients ultimately.”
As the ISQA tag-line states, ‘Make Quality Count’ and VEQS supports that remit totally.

‘Make Quality Count!’

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