Bespoke Services

ISQA Quality Assurance

Tailoring ISQA’s services and skills to a broader range of responsibilities can be a practical means to reduce cost overheads and enhance company profitability. In conjunction with its strategic partners, ISQA becomes a ‘one-stop-quality-shop’ and a ‘headache remedy’ for our clients.

  • Administration: Data recording and process reportage can be tailored to meet specific needs, while also providing a useful fall-back area. We can produce tailored documentation and software packages to meet individual project requirements.
  • Inservice Training: Getting down to the nitty-gritty is what ISQA is all about and, on occasion, additional education may be required, notably when specialised equipment, or processes, demand it. We can act as that proactive follow-through, remedial service.
  • Extra Personnel: From numerate to technically gifted, we can ensure that only the highest quality staff are engaged on all contracts, from short to longer term.
  • Recruitment: As a growing business satisfying the Quality Assurance requirements of our clients, ISQA has grown its core database of key personnel capable of meeting their demands. However, as a practical additional service, we can also satisfy recruitment requirements, from skilled operational staff to retail across the industry. Let ISQA remove the pain from your personnel aspects.

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