Specialist Services

ISQA Quality Assurance

Primary site activities, for Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, often demand additional, specialist requirements that ISQA can fulfil as part of a remit. We work as an efficient support role to satisfy contractual complexities.

  • On and Off-site Managed Containment: Regardless of the size of the project, we can fulfil manpower requirements and also install a supervisory function.
  • Co-ordinated Sweeps: Working on site, or within plants, we can carry out total sweep exercises on individual componentry, or finished products.
  • Project Launch Support: Our knowledge and expertise enables us to carry out positive prototyping, pre-production, new product launches, any long, or short, run projects.
  • Customer Representation and Liaison: To allow our clients to concentrate on critical processes, we provide commitment and responsibility relief on their behalves. This can include: Resident Engineering, QC Response, Initial Root Cause Analysis, Containment Initiation and Management, 8d Support and Project Development.
  • Technicians: Also including Line Support functions, we provide QC Response, Production Support and Specialist Personnel.
  • Supplier Liaison: ISQA communicates with OEM and suppliers at all levels to work ultimately for the supplier, once the actions and cost ownership are agreed.
  • Metrology: Comprehensive on and off site measurements can be carried out for batch or one off assessments, In-process or problem investigation, using portable laser scanning or large volume CMM services.

Metrology Enquiries
Email Team: Metrology@ISQA.co.uk