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ISQA Quality Assurance

The primary role of ISQA is to create an environment of performance-orientated and enhanced Quality Control, with a ‘zero fault’ ethos. We are flexible, efficient and subtle.

  • Inspection: Containment is the imperative. We measure, quantify, qualify and test, as directed by our clients.
  • Reportage: Working to OK/NOK principles, we seek ‘Right First Time’ and ‘Reworked’ elements. Comprehensive action reporting is included.
  • Reworking: As competent managers, we can ensure that original parameters and specifications are met, with exacting consistency.
  • Work Element Sheet (WES): Comprehensive and quantifiable documentation that is true to required specification can be provided.
  • Firewall Building: Working to desired specifications, we construct firewalls that filter-out non-conformities and manufacturing defects, including injection moulding, or casting, painting and chroming, across all processes.
  • Auditing: We carry out end-of-line checks and product audits as an aspect of finished product, or component, evaluation. Our specialists can also be called upon for other auditing procedures.

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