The Best Driving Roads (at home and abroad)

The vast majority of people declaring themselves ‘into cars’, are also ‘into driving’, writes Iain Robertson, who spends a lot of his non-writing time driving, and he has tackled some of the most astonishing roads around the world, as he explains… In some quarters, despite inexpensive flights and hotel deals overseas, it is suggested that […]

The Internet of Things and AI – Part Three – ‘Greater Benefits’

In the previous two parts of this series, Iain Robertson contemplated both broader implications and personal impact of both AI and the IoT and it is clear that proper management of it will be essential even though the ultimate benefits are far-reaching. Indulging in the potential emotion of humanitarian and health issues, the ‘you-can’t -have-one-without-the-other’ […]

The Internet of Things and AI – Part One – ‘Personal Impact’

It is all very well, intones Iain Robertson, contemplating the IoT but, absorbing advice from ISQA’s Technical Department, taking Artificial Intelligence into account is a more pressing priority, which broadens the subject matter considerably. The changes have been gradual but surprisingly effective. Think about it, where would we be without satellite-navigation? Well, I can tell […]

Supercar immersion; Blenheim 2017

An entire industry surrounding the classic and supercar arena has grown like Topsy over the past 20 years, highlights Iain Robertson, as both he and Gary Hancox spent a damp, autumnal Sunday admiring automotive glories past and present. It is consummately easy for a critic and a critical observer to pick and poke at the […]