Harry Potter is not the only performer sharing a common platform

When carmakers’ profitability levels plumbed the depths, a solution was sought, reports motoring journalist Iain Robertson, to consider platform-sharing as a viable cost-reducing premise. Fans of Harry Potter will be delighted to know that running into King’s Cross Station’s brick walls to find Platform 9¾ is not the methodology applied by the motor industry in […]

Problem-solving the 8D way

There are innumerable ways of resolving issues in production-line processes, writes Iain Robertson, although some of the best methods remain encased in stone, with origins dating back to the dawn of the motor industry. Henry Ford is credited with establishing the parameters of line production. In fact, much of what he outlined and practised in […]

What’s in a name?

In defining ISQA, writes journalist, Iain Robertson, there are a number of routes to follow and, as an acronym (the first letters of the company name make up a fresh word), it can be easier to remember, like RADAR, or SCUBA. Immense effort went into devising the acronym for In-Spec Quality Assurance Ltd but not […]

Make Quality Count

Given a premise to formulate a specific ‘tag-line’ for ISQA, there were three initial parameters to consider writes Iain Robertson. a. How concise could it be? b. How easily would it roll off the tongue? c. What positive inferences would come from it?   Of course, the importance of a ‘tag-line’ all depends on how […]