Make Quality Count

Given a premise to formulate a specific ‘tag-line’ for ISQA, there were three initial parameters to consider writes Iain Robertson.
a. How concise could it be?
b. How easily would it roll off the tongue?
c. What positive inferences would come from it?
Of course, the importance of a ‘tag-line’ all depends on how much value needs to be placed on the commercial nature of the business. It is customary for businesses with a public face, or a retail aspect, to present a useful and catchy ‘strap-line’, as it is sometimes known. Can you recall the products, or brands that are linked to the following tag-lines, or slogans (you will find the answers below)?

  • 1. Just do it
  • 2. Your Flexible Friend
  • 3. We Try Harder
  • 4. Put a Tiger in Your Tank
  • 5. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
  • 6. Vorsprung Durch Technik
  • 7. Finger Lickin’ Good
  • 8. Zoom Zoom
  • 9. Connecting People
  • 10. The Toughest 4-letter Word on Wheels

  • While accepting that some of the slogans above are among the most memorable, it is creating that memory that is most important. Therefore, satisfying the first of the initial parameters was vital. For a start, not many businesses in an industrial environment use slogans to epitomise their services. While it could be asked, “Why?”, ISQA preferred to ask “Why not?” and, as an exponent of an assured quality provider, the inclusion of ‘Quality’ in the tag-line is essential. The ability to ask the question and answer it comes naturally.
    In-Spec Quality Assurance
    Yet, the conciseness of it is what matters. Employing the word ‘Make’ is both instructional and links naturally and etymologically (the study of words) to ‘manufacturing’. The final word in the tag-line is ‘Count’, which is appropriate in the quality control arena, where counting and annotating are crucial aspects of maintaining specifications and resolving both stock control and negative quality aspects.

    ‘Make Quality Count’ employs both soft and hard sounding consonants, which are blended in such a way that they create a natural flow. The ‘k’ sound that appears in each of the three words carries a psychological emphasis that is both hard-hitting and entirely descriptive of ISQA’s business model. It also emphasises both conciseness and correctness, aspects that underscore a level of precision that ISQA wants to impart to its customers.

    Because it rolls off the tongue readily, ‘Make Quality Count’ becomes both memorable and synonymous with ISQA. Interestingly, it is an impression that possesses a familiarity to it that is emphasised, when you realise that it is not linked to any other product, or service. Therefore, it has a standalone quality that also creates an ‘Unique Sales Proposition’, or USP, a vital factor for any commercially-minded business…especially one that is not necessarily public-facing.

    ISQA is not about chocolate bars, or fizzy drinks, or even a firm in a popular idiom. Yet, within the largely secretive and behind-closed-doors nature of providing the highest levels of assured quality to its clients, the company is a leader and it possesses an outstanding reputation. Within that sector of the business market, formulating, working to (by making it a vital part of its company ethos) and expediting the slogan is a means of placing the company in the forefront of its service sector.

    The positive value that it conveys is phenomenal. By making the quality of its services count, ISQA is already in the vanguard of the several services that it provides. The tagline merely gives it a target, to which it builds its strengths of precision, conciseness, accuracy, problem-solving, resolution, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while demonstrating its invaluable nature as a first-line support function that can tackle issues where client proximity can sometimes create barriers, especially in remote manufacturing situations. Working together, ISQA and its clients can formulate robust and positive processes and outcomes.
    ‘Make Quality Count’ is a simple, three-word statement of fact that ISQA can boast without conceit, because it summarises what ISQA is all about.

    ANSWERS: 1. Nike; 2. Access card; 3. Avis; 4. Esso; 5. Yellow Pages; 6. Audi; 7. Kentucky Fried Chicken; 8. Mazda; 9. Nokia; 10. Jeep.

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    1. In a past role many years ago a Sales Manager used to say to me as I was heading off to my appointment “Make It Count”. The memory has stayed with me since then, I believed in the words, they were motivational. What was the point, if I wasn’t going to give it my all? Straight away when it was suggested I knew Make Quality Count was right for ISQA. (I was disappointed I didn’t think of it myself)

      Gary Hancox – Director ISQA
      PS. Maggie from EKC in the 90’s if you read this, yes that’s you!

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